Welcome to Kappa Data!

Welcome to Kappa Data, your value added distributor and knowledge center for innovative and reliable network connectivity, security and IoT solutions. Kappa Data Holding is the umbrella organization of the Kappa Data Group, and is concerned with group strategy, group agreements with vendors, and financing of the Kappa Data subsidiaries.

The holding company does not deal with day-to-day sales activities. Our local departments support resellers in the implementation and sale of our solutions, help end customers with their purchase, implementation, and maintenance. We love to share our broad technical knowledge through our trained experts. We can also support you with internal sales, pre-sales and after-sales support. Want to learn more about our services? Visit the website of our local department closest to you for more information and to contact us.

The Kappa Data group was founded in 1998. Today, we operate in 5 countries and have 75 employees at 4 locations.

Interested in more information do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the Headquarters for the information you need.